Why Thinking Schools Ethiopia?
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What is a Thinking Literacy? Applied Literacy and Equity

Building Thinking Schools Ethiopia training for 36 model laboratory schools in Tigray from 12-23 October 2015. Read more.

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Identifying the Need
There is a global call for action to improve student performance through educating for higher order thinking. What is at stake? Applied literacy, jobs in the global economy, and an engaged and thriving citizenry. Stakeholders advocate for schools shifting from rote-memorization to explicit teaching for skillful thinking and problem solving. This requires equal access to learning at higher levels for ALL students independent of gender, ethnicity, and cultural background. The problem? There are few research based, scalable and sustainable approaches available for schools to meet this challenge.
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Meeting the Challenge
Thinking Foundation supports this urgent challenge by supporting a proven comprehensive design for implementing, accrediting and disseminating the Thinking Schools International approach. What do we do? We work with local and regional leaders to create a network of model Thinking School sites using the scalable BUILDING THINKING SCHOOLS implementation design. The results are documented and assessed within each school using the Thinking Schools Accreditation Process (TSAP).

Supporting the Work
Who are we? Thinking Foundation is a nonprofit group with extensive experience working with individual schools and scaling the Thinking Schools design across whole countries. How can you help? Support comes in a variety of ways: financial contributions for individual model schools and larger projects, providing links to key 'change makers', and participating in our global network of people committed to transforming education locally and world wide.
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Research on Thinking Schools
David Hyerle and Larry Alper, Coeditors
Yvette Jackson, Foreward
Corwin Press, April 2014
“This new paradigm
of a global community calls for
Thinking Schools internationally…”
Yvette Jackson, Ed.D. is internationally recognized for her work in assessing the learning potential of disenfranchised urban students.
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How Does Thinking Transform Schools? Documentary Film

How Do We Build Thinking Schools?
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Thinking Schools International is for teachers, whole schools, educational bodies and countries who want to develop 21st Century learning and thinking environments using thinking skills with proven impact across the globe.

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