HyperStudio Home Page - The "official" HyperStudio home page from Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. Drop in to find out the latest information about HyperStudio and download demo versions.

HyperStudio On The Net - Lyne Motylinski's home page includes sample stacks and links to other HyperStudio-related sites. While you're there, don't forget to subscribe to the HyperStudio mailing list.

Join The HyperStudio Mailing List - Become part of the Internet HyperStudio community. Share your experiences and get answers to your questions from other HyperStudio users.

HyperStudio Mailing List Archives - Browse the archived messages from the HyperStudio mailing list. These can be sorted by date, author, subject or thread.

HyperStudio Network Home Page - Drop in to learn more about the HyperStudio Network, their quarterly newsletter HyperStudio Forum, and their catalog of products for HyperStudio users.

HyperStudio and Tessellations in Color - Suzanne Alejandre's wonderful tutorial on creating color tessellations with HyperStudio. Who knows? You might be the next M. C. Escher!

Ann Brundige Studio - HSJ staffer and artist extraordinaire, Ann Brundige, brings her unique brand of HyperStudio expertise to your browser. Don't miss Ann's HyperStudio products, most of which have been featured in the HyperStudio Network catalog.

Flecknology Innovations - Visit this site for information on his excellent Toolkit products.

Aunt Goodiebags - Aunt Goodiebags (aka Nancy Smith) offers gentle and friendly instruction in HyperStudio and HyperCard with her series of hand-crafted books.

K & R Consultants - The HyperPeople - K & R stands for Kate Vanderhorst and Rod Rychliski (father of the legendary "Twins from Hell") - The HyperPeople from Kitchener, Ontario. This pair took Hyperfest '97 by storm. They offer HyperStudio workshops for educators.

HyperStudio Journal on the Web - The HyperStudio® Journal is the definitive multimedia resource, featuring sample stacks, artwork, New Button Actions and Extras, tutorials, and a host of other resources to help people make the most of all that HyperStudio has to offer.

HyperStudio Message Boards - With the untimely demise of the HyperStudio support area on AOL, HS users can now find expert support in this new and improved message system at the HyperStudio web site.

Dave Walker - Hyperstudio trainer from Alberta Canada.


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