The following companies have provided software to use with the various youth and community projects of that I am currently working with. They have been selected because of their quality and potential as a real tool. Most of the following software is available in both Mac and Windows and demo copies usually can be downloaded on the WWW to test drive.

For some great places for no cost or low cost software that you can download on the WWW go to the pages on Freeware and Shareware.

Some Great Software!
Eggplant SuggestionsFreeware and Shareware (Mac & Win)Software Evaluation
Adobe software including Photoshop, PageMill, PhotoDeluxe, Streamline, Dimmensions, Acrobat, TypeManager Deluxe, PageMaker, Illustrator on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Thank you Russell Brown. Examples include Metro Bridge, Hoffer Elementary School and Lincoln-Bassett Elementary School.
Apple QuickTime VR software for 360° panoramic views. Take a spin at the Educational Center for the Arts.
Whether you're a design professional, web programmer, or just demand professional-quality results - Adobe GoLive - HTML layout, source code editing, and Web site management tools offer you unprecedented creative control and flexibility. Check out the latest version - 4.0. These pages, School of the 21st Century - Bush Center/Yale, and the Educational Center of the Arts were designed with CyberStudio.
Geography connects our world. Read more about GIS mapping and ESRI GIS software.
HyperStudio is a multimedia authoring program aimed at students and educators that offers: accessing data on the Internet, the ability to create and edit QuickTime movies, built-in image capture with AV Macs or the QuickTake camera, Mac-Windows project compatibility and the widest range of file type compatibility for graphics and sound. Take a look at the LEAP pages for a great example of Hyperstudio in action and take a look at a list of links for more HyperStudio ideas. 
Inspiration Software develops and supports visual thinking software for use in education and business. In addition to working with children, I've used Inspiration software with students going into teacher training at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, in workshops with Thinking Maps and with National Urban Alliance.
Software for editing photographic images.
Microworlds LOGO - Learn about LCSI constructivist philosophy, the people behind it, and examples of software in action.
PosterWorks by S.H. Pierce to tile out large size posters from graphic files. Look at schools in Banning, California where students created large posters combining historical pictures with current images using Photoshop and PosterWorks, and New Haven, Connecticut where students created life size stand-ups of people.
PictureWorks Technology Inc. has everything you need to start using pictures in hundreds of new and creative ways-even if you don't have a scanner or digital camera. Products include Spin Panorama (360° qtvr) , Spin PhotoObjects, HotShots, and PhotoEnhancer Plus 3.1. See qtvr in action at the ECA website.
Educational software including Decisions, Decisions and Timeliner.
SmartSound for Multimedia audio software to create customized, professional quality soundtracks. How about some surprising sounds on the web.
Media Cleaner Pro for compressing quicktime movies. Take a look at some great student videos in California and Connecticut.
Robert Price - 66 First Place #3 - Brooklyn, NY 11231 - 718.855.8548 -