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Software Evaluation

Benchin' Software Review
A software directory site with over 70,000 products reviewd by users.

Children's Software Revue
Software ranked by quality and sorted by grade level. A review process than other sites (subscribe to the newsletter for full reviews).

Children's Software Database

CD-ROM Evaluations 1995
From the National Council for Educational Technology.

The Education Software Gallery
Will point you to programs that really work and help you steer clear of programs that probably won't enhance your child's basic skill levels or knowledge base.

Elementary Software Preview
Over 300 programs in all subject areas (K-8) for Macs. Nearly 600 evaluations were tabulated. If you would like a hard copy of the results send approximate postage on a
Lenore Walker
c/o Plaza Elementary School
641 Carriage Hill Road
Va. Beach, VA 23452

Anne Bubric's OnComputers Reviews
CD-ROM Reviews

Parents, Educators, and Publishers
The PEP site offers a comprehensive look at the children's software industry, with news and reviews, a searchable database and the PEP Registry of over 500 Educational Software Publishers (with links).

Childrens' Software Reviews
CD-ROM Reviews

c|net CD-ROM Central
CD-ROM Reviews

Guide to the Best Software for Kids
For agves 2-12, from the Computer Museum of Boston.

Computer Museum (Boston) Guide to the Best Software for Children
CD-ROM Reviews

Great Software Picks for Your Classroom
From Scholastic

Guide to Children's Educational Shareware
Fun and useful educational programs you can copy off the Internet.

Pepsite Software Resources
CD-ROM Reviews

Recommended Internet Tools
The following software products have been recommended by the Internet Software Tools Evaluation Committee as being the best tools available for use on the UCD campus.

Software At-A-Glance
From Electronic Learning Magazine

Software Evaluation Reports

Software Evaluation Reports
An evaluation of microcomputer software and multimedia products.

Software Reviews
From Internet for Learning

School House Software Review
CD-ROM Reviews

Software for Learning
Periodic software evaulations from the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction.

SuperKids Educational Software Review
CD-ROM Reviews

Technology and Learning Magazine's Software Reviews
CD-ROM Reviews

The California Technology in the Curriculum (TIC) Evaluations Database
Information on 2,000+ computer software, CD-ROM, computer-interactive videodisc, and instructional video programs rated as Exemplary or Desirable by the California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse over the past six years.

Way Cool Software Reviews
Reviews by schoolkids of their favorite software.



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