Puzzles & Problems

Adam's Puzzles. Adam's Puzzles contains over 30 puzzles for high school students with a strong background in calculus and geometry. Detailed answers are provided with a complete explanation.

Aims Puzzle Corner. Aims Puzzle Corner, intended for students in grades K-6, is a list of monthly math puzzles for 1995 and 1996. You can request solutions via email.

Algebra Online. Algebra Online is a service designed to allow students throughout the world to receive free private tutoring. To get online help in algebra, click here.

Alvirne High School. Alvirne High School's in Hudson, N.H. calculus class invites you to join them in their preparation for the AP exam. The site contains Alvirne's and guest problems of the week, and archives for Alvirne, guest, and student problems with solutions. Included also are sample multiple choice AP calculus questions and solutions, student and teacher calculus resources on the Web, and general information about AP exam.

Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason. Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason for the high school math student shows how to use rules and patterns in solving logic/math problems. Among its offerings are arithmetic review problems , skills for problem solving in algebra , and problem solving methods for logic puzzles, theorems, and other math topics.

Ask Mr. Math. Ask Mr. Math answers math questions submitted via email by teachers and kids in grades 7-12. You can expect answers within 24 hours. The site also features a link to previous questions and answers and a useful glossary.

BIG LIST OF PUZZLE AND RIDDLE PAGES. BIG LIST OF PUZZLE AND RIDDLE PAGES provides a collection of puzzle sites for grades 4-12.

Brain Exerciser. Brain Exerciser offers a variety of math riddles from beginning to advanced levels for high school students and AP classes. Many of the puzzles include hints.

Brain Teasers. Brain Teasers is a list of classic logic puzzles with a humorous twist for grades 8-12.

Calculus AP AB Test Review Page. Calculus AP AB Test Review Page is designed to prepare high school students for the AP math exam. The table of content . includes an explanation page and needed skills for the test, and an online interactive practice test with similar problems that are found on the Calc AP AB Test.

Carl Miller's Math Problem of the Day. Carl Miller's Math Problem of the Day is a collection of over 25 algebraic problems including solutions that he wrote for high school math. The difficulty of each problem is indicated by the number of asterisks.

21st Century Problem Solving. 21st Century Problem Solving for the high school math class contains a step-by-step procedure for solving problems in algebra, physics, and chemistry. To find an encylopedia of problems across the curriculum, click on solved. The page also includes a list of related sites for teaching problem solving.

Cool Math Dudes. Cool Math Dudes provides 12 math problems for middle school students to explore.

David Picard's Home Page. David Picard's Home Page is a collection of math problems and puzzles for grades 5-12. The categories, grades 1-4 and grades 5-8 actually belong in the middle school; whereas, the category, grades 9-12 belongs in high school.

Doctor's Matrix Mind Games.Doctor's Mind Games features problems and solutions from Martin Gardner's and Raymond Smullyan's puzzle books for grades 6-12.

Don Dodson's Incredible Maze Server. Don's Incredible Maze Server generates a different maze for you to solve each time you click on the Reload button. Print the maze and solve it using paper and pencil. This activity encourages problem solving and logical thinking for students in grades 3-6.

Eight Great Riddles. Eight Great Riddles, provided by Scott Foresman, is an online collection of math puzzles with accompanying answers for grades 3-8. For another set of similiar puzzles, click on riddles. Scott Foresman also offers problems from its math books: level 1, level 2, and level 3 are problems of the day with solutions, and level 1, level 2, and level 3 are clever fact problems with answers. Teachers are invited to print out the problem pages.

Eliram's riddle game. Eliram's riddle game offers ten thinking puzzles with solutions for students in grades 4-8.

Fibonacci Puzzles. Fibonacci puzzles, for high school students, is a collection of puzzles involving Fibonacci numbers taken from Ron Knott's home page entitled Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section.

Forum Interactive Projects. Forum Interactive Projects is a collection of math sites featuring online help, problems, and projects for students and teachers in grades 3-12. Ask Dr. Math site, organized by elementary school, middle school, and high school level, invites you to email your math questions and includes an archive of previous questions and answers to a variety of math topics for each level.

Elementary Problem of the Week site provides weekly a non-routine math problem and past solutions. Project of the Month site features monthly a geometry project with activities and a list of past projects and solutions. Problem of the Week site offers weekly a geometry problem and past problems and solutions. Each site provides rules for submitting your solution via email.

FUNDRUM MY CONUNDRUM. FUNDRUM MY CONUNDRUM features a collection of 100 riddles, puzzles, and conundrums grouped easy, medium, and hard for grades 4-12. The puzzles include are answers.

Games, Games, Games. Games, Games, Games is a collection of puzzles and games created by Eric Harshbarger for students in grades 6-12. Included are magic square and cross/blind hex puzzles.

Gomath: Puzzle. Gomath offers a weekly math puzzle with an intriguing storyline for students in grades 10-12. Each puzzle contains a main theme and branch problems.

9th Grade Math Proficiency Test. 9th Grade Math Proficiency Test provides 39 multiple choice questions which can be used in grades 9-12 as an online tutorial for improving a student's math skills. Each answer (item) has an explanation as to why it is incorrect, and each incorrect answer (item) will then ask another question to see if you have understood the concepts of the question. For a similiar test in basic algebra and geometry skills, try questions 1-5.

Grey Labyrinth. Grey Labyrinth presents a collection of puzzles with solutions for high school students. For the curious minds, check out the links to puzzle servers.

Houghton Mifflin's Brain Teasers. Houghton Mifflin provides weekly brain teasers that are grouped in categories for grades 3-8. Each teaser includes a hint and its answer appears the following week. Also, each category includes an archive of past puzzles.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles features a variety of puzzle sites. Many of the sites require JavaScript.

Island Puzzler. Island Puzzler features a variety of math and logic puzzles with accompanying answers for kids in grades 4-8. Click on the puzzles to have fun.

Jim Wilson's Home Page/Server. Jim Wilson's Home Page/Server provides analyses and solutions to algebra and geometry problems for high school teachers and students.. You can find the problems presented in Jim Wilson's papers and in the student papers in his various courses.

KidZone Baseball Math. KidZone Baseball Math, provided by the Toronto Bluejays features baseball-related math questions and answers for students in grades 4-6.

Little Math Puzzle Contest. Little Math Puzzle Contest, sponsored by Royal West Academy, a public high school in Montreal, Quebec, offers a weekly puzzle for students in grades 5 through 10. The site includes puzzle archives for 1995 and 1996. If you can't find an answer to a puzzle here , then email Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov at math_puzzle@rwa.psbgm.qc.ca.

Magic Squares. Magic Squares, in English and Japanese, offers a comprehensive collection of Web sites on magic squares assembled by Mutsumi Suzuki for high school math classes. For a good instructional place that explains magic squares, click on Magic Cubes.


Make That Number. Make That Number, sponsored by MathPro Press, from Puzzle Junction contains 239 digit puzzles for students in grades 6-12. To play, click on any puzzle.html and to get its answer, select show answer. Click on examples to learn other creative ways for combining digits in a number.

Math Education. K-12 Math Education at the University of Central Florida features a problem of the week contest and a elementary brain teaser of the week contest. The problem of the week site includes a list of previous problems.

Logic Puzzle Page. Logic Puzzle Page is a collection of original logic puzzles wth the solutions provided for grades 6-12. A new puzzle is added monthly along with a grid for solving it.

Mark Burbank's Math Teasers. Mark Burbank's Math Teasers offers six classic puzzles for middle school students.

5 Math Line Puzzles . 5 Math Line Puzzles feature five online puzzles, each with the question, suggested materials, an illustrated procedure, and a link to check understanding, a link providing a hint, and a link to the solution.

MathOracle. MathOracle provides online a vast collection of problems and detailed solution sets for algebra, geometry, and calculus for grades 8-12. Between a 100 and150 new problem/answer sets are added monthly. Students can use this site to get help with their homework, to practice extra problems before a test, to improve their grades in math. To become a member of this free service, click on REGISTER NOW.

Mathematical Games and Recreations. Mathematical games and recreations, for advanced high school math students, is a collection of famous puzzles which are associated with the most illustrious mathematicians in history. They include number games, geometrical puzzles, network problems, and combinatorial problems.

MathMagic. MathMagic, developed in El Paso,Texas is a math competition project in which K-12 students can collaborate with other via the Internet to solve math problems. The site contains an archive of current and past challenges organized by four categories.

Mathematics Problems. Mathematics Problems from the Virtual School site features a link to the math problem, algebra problem, and geometry problem for middle school and high math students. Students must submit their solutions via email within two weeks. Exceptional solutions and previous problems with solutions are posted for each problem category.

Math Problems & Puzzles. Math Problems & Puzzles, for K-12, is Math Forum's huge annotated index of math problems and puzzles collected from many Internet sources. If you want to browse and see only titles, switch to the Outline Version.

Math Problems of the Week: Grades 3-6. Math Problems of the Week: Grades 3-6 features two problems posted each Sunday. Answers to the previous week's problems also appear.

Math Problem Solving Task Centres. Math Problem Solving Task Centres for grades 4-12 offers monthly math problems arranged in difficulty levels and a challenging problem of the month. This site also includes previous problems, a task problem bank, and problem solving strategies.

MathsNet: Puzzles. MathsNet: Puzzles features a variety of puzzles with solutions for students in grades 6-12.

MathSoft Puzzle Page. MathSoft Puzzle Page for AP math students features a collection of math puzzles and solutions that have been previously published in Allan Gottlieb's column in MIT's online Technology Review magazine. Another good source for AP math students is the unsolved problem of the week archive.

Maze Maker. Maze Maker, created by John Lauro, lets students generate intricate mazes based on mathematical properties. Students in grades 6-12 enter different numbers and see how these influence their mazes.

MAZE MAN. MAZE MAN, also known as John Knoderer, provides a collection of hundreds of John's challenging pencil and paper puzzles including all kinds of mazes, magic squares, and number place activities for students in grades 6-12.

Middle School Problem of the Week. Middle School Problem of the Week, created by four students at Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield, California, features a weekly problem for students in grades 6-8. The site also includes an archive of past problems with answers.

Nancy Casey. Nancy Casey presents online instructions for making the instant insanity and the Penrose rhombs puzzles. In addition, she provides information and clever puzzles for exploring knot theory in grades 5-8. For more online resources about knots, click on knots on the Web. Also, try Strauss' knot trick which will amaze your friends.

Open Problems. Open Problems, presented by Nancy Casey from MegaMath, are unsolved problems in math that lack rigorous proof and are still open to investigation. Nancy includes a problem in knot theory about a closed circular braid, the four color problem , and the degree/diameter problem, referred to as the three for the money. Nancy encourages students in grades 6-12 to share their open problems.

Problem Solving: MathCounts. MathCounts, sponsored by the GTE Foundation, is a national math coaching and competition program for 7th and 8th grade students. The site offers various online problem solving activities including the problem of the week contest with answers and a problem archive. Also, included is a collection of warm-ups and workouts featuring online exercises, problem solving strategies , and activities for introducing algebraic reasoning.

Puzzle Archive. Puzzle Archive for middle school and high school math is an index of 24 categories of puzzles with solutions categorized by subject area. Among the categories are arithmetic, cryptology, probability, geometry and logic.

Puzzle Of The Week. Puzzle Of The Week provides a collection of puzzles from Round 1 and Round 2 of an online contest for students in grades 4-8.

Puzzle Page. Puzzle Page, created by Eric Ward, is a collection of math puzzles and riddles for grades 4-8. Kids can request the answers through email.

Puzzler. Puzzler offers riddles contributed by girls for students in grades 3-6.

Puzzles and Mind Teasers. Puzzles and Mind Teasers features a monthly teaser for kids in grades 4-8 where answers can be submitted via email. The previous month's puzzle and solution is provided. Kids are also invited to submit their own brain teasers.

Puzzling Things. Puzzling Things offers a weekly conundrum, answers to previous conundrums, a box puzzle, and a list of puzzle sites for high school students.

Quandaries and Queries. Quandaries and Queries, provided by the University of Regina for K-12 students and teachers, will try to solve any nagging math problem or question and provide information on something your curious about in math. You can also browse through the database of questions other people have asked, or search by keyword.

Questacon's Puzzlequest. Questacon's Puzzlequest features online math puzzles for grades 3-6.

Refrigerator Math. Refrigerator Math, provided by Houghton Mifflin, is a collection of math puzzles organized by grade level (K-6).

rec.puzzles archive. rec.puzzles archive, compiled by Arlet Ottens, is a list of puzzles that are categorized into 24 subject areas. Each puzzle includes a solution, and the site is suitable for grades 5-12.

Sally Wilson's Puzzle Place. Sally Wilson's Puzzle Place features an online collection of a math teacher's favorite logic and word puzzles for grades 6-12. Included are hints, answers, and links to other puzzle pages.

Saxon Publishers' Math Challenge. Saxon Publishers' Math Challenge is a series of weekly math problems offered by the publisher for grades 6-12. Kids can click on either math teaser or math stumper to retrieve the problem. Solutions and an archive of previous problems are included.

Sherlock Holms' File Cabinet. Sherlock Holms' File Cabinet contains 65 math and logic problems and solutions for students in grades 7-12.

Scott Foresman's Math Problems of the Week. Scott Foresman's Math Problems of the Week is a set of weekly math problems for students in grades 4-8. You can email your solutions.

NASA SPACE MATHEMATICS. NASA SPACE MATHEMATICS from THE SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK provides math problems required to explore space. Included are examples of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus problems and solutions.

Sphinx. Sphinx offers a variety of math and logic puzzles sorted by category and levels of difficulty for grades 9-12. Some solutions are provided. Students can also contribute their own puzzles via email.

Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page. Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page features an online collection of illustrated logic puzzles for grades 4-8 including Chomp, a variation of Nim.

Ultimate Online Review Book. Ultimate Online Review Book provides previous New York State Regents exams and answers in math for 1992-1995 Sequential Math I, for 1994-1995 Sequential Math II, and for 1992-1995 Sequential Math III . These exams can be used as useful practice problems for students in grades 8-12.

Vermont Mathematics Portfolio Program. Vermont Mathematics Portfolio Program invites fourth grade students to use creative strategies to solve story questions. Students chose one of the math problems from the list, email their math solutions, and then the Union School students in Montplier will assess and report on their solutions. The site serves as a guide for teaching problem solving strategies in math.

ViperNet Puzzle Gallery. ViperNet Puzzle Gallery offers online solitaire puzzles, word searches, and a magic-square generator for grades 5-12.

Weekly Challenge Home Page. Weekly Challenge home page, created by students at the Hoffman Elementary School in Glenview, Illinois, poses a math question in which students can answer by email. The previous week's challenge and answers are given.

Word Problems for Kids. Word Problems for Kids, maintained at St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, contains a large collection of word problems for students and teachers in grades 5-12. Each problem includes a hint and the answer.