Seeing the Sea via the Internet

Let's dive into the sea at the New York Aquariums. Even closer to home is the Cold Spring Fish Hatchery and Aquarium. We can visit with some of the hatchary residents while we are there.

At the Brooklyn Aquarium at Coney Island you can explore the shore and more sea life adventures.

We can also visit the Monterey Aquarium in California where the KelpCam will let us look at the sea in action. The KelpCam is a camera that shows us live pictures of fish and underwater plants.

Take a trip to the Sydney Aquarium in Australia to hear the sounds and see the wondes of the seas down under. For more aquariums around the world check out the listing of links for further sea adventures.

For those of you who are visiting an aquarium you might want to see some live shots of fish in the ocean. Since its a live view cam picture you'll never know what fish will swim by.

Stop in at the Amazing FishCam to see fish on the move...AND...some great fish links on the Internet.



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