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Thinking Foundations collaborates with schools and school districts around the world for ongoing research. As part of our mission, we provide a forum for schools to tell their stories and share their insights so others can learn from their experiences. While every learning community is unique, it remains possible to discover ideas that bridge the borders of these varied educational settings. We have gathered videos, documents, photographic slide shows, and more that tell the stories of many schools as they identify and develop the pathways on their journey to creating ‘thinking school’ environments in which to educate their students.

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Case Study: Whole District Change
Documentary Film: Minds of Mississippi

Pass Christian School District • Mississippi, USA
World Premiere October 3, 2013

Over the past five years, "The Pass" has been the top performing school district in Mississippi. The Pass Christian School District Story is one of gain in the midst of loss. Watch the trailer above and read the story of overcoming a seemingly insurmountable task.

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Case Study: Grass Roots Change
Addis Ababa, Tigray
& Southern Nations, Ethiopia

The We Think: Thinking Schools Ethiopia project began as a grass roots effort that now is in collaboration with the Addis Ababa Education Bureau, Tigray Development Association and Tigray Education Bureau, The Southern Nations State (SNNPRS), and others. The Case Study is an ongoing narrative that includes a blog (text, video, stills, overviews) and a chapter in the Pathways to Thinking Schools book. Photo is Dr. David Hyerle visiting Cheffie Primary School, one of the 300+ government schools part of the Addis Ababa Education Bureau in November 2014.
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Thinking Schools Ethiopia Case Study
Thinking Schools Ethiopia blog
Pathways to Thinking Schools chapter

Case Studies: English Language Learners (ELL)
New York, Callifornia, USA

From New York to California, schools have used Thinking Maps as the Cognitive Bridge To Literacy. Case Studies from multiple sites show the links between “Thought and Language” and learning.

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Case Study: Visual Mapping & School Effectiveness •  United Kingdom
Thinking Maps® were introduced to all staff as a key strategy which will underpin the development of thinking at St Robert of Newminster Catholic School and Sixth Form College. The purpose of this strategy was to decrease the quantity of teacher instruction and transmission of knowledge in a content driven curriculum whilst increasing the amount of time dedicated to developing learning dispositions and thinking skills through student deployment of Thinking Maps® in their learning.

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Case Study: Special Needs Whole School Change — Life Long Learning Skills
Massachusetts, USA

Reading is the foundation for life-long learning. One must be able to master this skill in order to facilitate the learning process. Yet reading is simply not enough; one must be able to understand what one has read and be able to apply the newly acquired knowledge for the benefits to be fully realized. For over a decade, student performance at this school has improved as demonstrated by an increase in vocabulary acquisition, concept attainment, an ability to make connections, and an ability to establish relationships. The students' overall learning process has been facilitated by the use of these visual tools.

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Research, Publications, Grants

Research: Egypt
Research studies and thesis papers based in Egypt that are focused on the effective use of Thinking Maps including studies on The Effect Of Using Thinking Maps Strategy To Improve Science Processes In Science Course On Female Students Of The Ninth Grade and three other recent studies on writing, science and tourism. Read about the outcomes and watch video clips of students in the classrooms. Click here to see more.

Publications & Books on Thinking
Thinking Schools
David Hyerle and Larry Alper, Coeditors
Yvette Jackson, Foreward
Corwin Press, April 2014

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Visual Tools for Transforming
Information Into Knowledge
David Hyerle, Author
Arthur L. Costa, Prologue
Robert J. Marzano, Foreward
Corwin Press, 2009, Second Edition

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Developing Connective
Leadership Successes
With Thinking Maps®

Larry Alper, David Hyerle,
Kimberly Williams, Authors
Solution Tree Press, 2012

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Student Successes With
Thinking Maps®

David Hyerle and Larry Alper, Coeditors
Corwin Press, January 2011
, Second Edition

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Research and Grants
Thinking Foundation invites those in the field of pre-kindergarten to college level education, including teachers, administrators, and researchers, to submit research proposals under Request for Proposals: Teaching for Thinking and Learning.

Thinking Foundation promotes and supports research that will contribute to the efforts of those committed to developing thoughtful and mindful learners. The ongoing search for truth that research provides is an essential part of developing effective instructional practices and creating challenging and worthwhile learning experiences and settings within which students can thrive.

The question your research should address is: How do we teach for the systematic development of Students Thinking and Content Learning? Individuals as well as teams and whole schools may submit proposals. We are particularly interested in research investigating how to facilitate thinking in these areas: cognitive and critical thinking skills development using visual tools; dispositions for thinking; problem solving, metacognition, and critical thinking within and across disciplines.

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Research — Dissertation:
English Language Learners

New Rochelle, NY, USA
Read Dr. Estee Lopez's dissertation (link below video) on the impact of Thinking Maps on teaching and learning in New Rochelle schools and watch the trailer for the film on New Rochelle schools below.

New Rochelle Schools Cognitive Bridge to Literacy
New Rochelle, NY, USA

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Recent Media About Thinking
School Improvement Network
David Hyerle speaking at 2014 School Improvement Innovation Summit about thinking.

Desert News National
January 13, 2015
From Mississippi to Malaysia, a mold-breaking model is helping kids learn to think... read the whole article:

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Thinking Schools Accreditation

The Thinking Schools Accreditation Process is a journey. A journey that is a bold and unique expression of a school community’s commitment to educating its youth for fulfillment and success in today’s rapidly changing, complex, and dynamic world. The process is a whole school community engaging in a process of self-study in order to celebrate, reflect on, deepen, and sustain their development as a Thinking School.

Thinking Foundation offers support to schools that choose to participate in this reflective process and guides them through the steps involved, including the development of a school-wide portfolio. The Thinking Schools Accreditation Process (TSAP) developed by Thinking Foundation provides a meaningful opportunity for continuous learning and creates an enduring culture of reflective practice.

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Accreditation Process: Regio Comenius
Norway - Northern Ireland

Whole School, Whole School Region Change: Developing a Thinking School Project
Read the complete Summary Report of the Regio Comenius funded Developing a 'Thinking School: Norway to Northern Ireland’ Project and the NEELB Creating a Thinking School Pilot. In the ESaGS TV program video below, you will visit St MacNissi's Primary School in Glengormley, part of the 'Thinking School: Norway to Northern Ireland’ Project.

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• - Educational Television (video)

St MacNissi's Primary School in Glengormley

Thinking Foundation Blog
Follow the Thinking Foundation Blog of Founder David Hyerle, Ed.D. online at the Thinking Schools International website.

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Prof. Vivienne Baumfield, Roger Sutcliffe and the late Prof. Bob Burden discuss whole school change within the context of Thinking Schools.
Thinking Schools Conference, UK, 2013.


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