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Arts & Cultural Resources
Public Art on the Net has many links to artists and resources involved with public art.

Artslynx International Arts Resources has a website with links to access information about Theatre, Dance, Music & Opera, Film & Media, Visual Arts, Arts Education, Service Organizations, Science, and Writing Resources.

Jenny Holzer Please Change Beliefs (select Jenny Holzer in index)
Holzer works in words. She has wrapped them up the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum, stretched them across the zipper of the Newsday Building, created outdoor sculpture to stimulate debate, and plastered them to the marquees of derelict movie houses on Forty-second Street in New York. Holzer explores the use of language challenging the viewers reaction/interaction. Her methods of communication include electronic signboards, sculpture, printed messages, the web and more.

The Photojournalist's Coffee House has some excellent stories through pictures and words including Teen Sexuality , Covington's Homeless and others. Well done and some fine examples for looking into the community.

Arts and Activism class at the Educational Center for the Arts, a regional public arts high school.

Landmarks of a New Generation - A Getty Museum supported projects that has youth looking visually at their neighborhoods. Projects include Picture, Picture Cape Town, Picture Mumbai/Bombay, Picture Mexico City, Picture Salzburg and Picture Paris. More on at Teaching Landmarks at the Getty Museum

Times Square Photography Project - The Times Square Photography Project began in 1994 as an activity program for the residents of The Times Square, a supportive permanent tenancy building for single adults, located on West 43rd Street in New York City. The participating photographers represent a mix of ages, races, cultures, and backgrounds. Some of them have been homeless, others live on fixed or low incomes, but all have experienced the difficulty of finding affordable housing.

MetroBridge - Communication - Youth Voice - Internet - Arts - Technology Collaboration with MetroBridge, great after school journalism project for Hartford, Connecticut public high schools that is housed in the Hartford Courant. The collaboration included publishing a web edition of the print paper. The work is all done by the students including outstanding writing, illustrations, and photos. Coordinated by Anne Condon Anne Condon, the paper is published six times each year as an insert in the Hartford Courant. Also check out The Deadline, the web version done by students of a summer print journalism project.

Lincoln Bassett Elementary School - Lincoln Bassett is part of the New Haven Public School system in Connecticut. Children Solve Problems, interviews, photos and response pages.

Hoffer Elementary School - Hoffer second and third graders experimenting with words, still images, video, sound and more on the web.

Lots of links to media and media literacy resources.

The L.E.A.P. Computer Learning Center - Hartford, New Haven & New London, Connecticut.

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Photo and Other Related Museums
University of California Museum of Photography

Washington Center of Photography

Photography Center of Athens

New Museum - excellent exhibits often with photography including a Visual Knowledge Program for education.

Getty Museum ArtsEdNet with lots of information and links.

Berkeley list of art, history, culture, science & children museums

Yahoo listing of museums and galleries

The Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge linking the arts and education through technology

International Center of Photography in New York City

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Yahoo Directory of Photographers

Pixtoriz list of links to photographers and photography projects.

Masters of Photography for links to images and information about well known photographers.

UCR/CMP: Women Photographers - In-depth site featuring the work of women photographers from the 1880s to the 1980s. Over 40 artists featured

Women Come to the Front - Online exhibit examining female journalists, photographers and broadcasters. Contains articles, biographies and pictures.

Smithsonian Magazine History of Women Photographers.

Women in Photography Archive.

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Photoshop Tutorials and Ideas
Adobe Photoshop Tips

Deepspaceweb - Offering free photoshop actions, tutorials, tips, filters, and plugins. We also have free images,

Designs By Mark -Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site & Photoshop Tips

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips - Part 2

Dr. Ozone Photoshop Tips

The Photoshop Web Tips Database

Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

Ticks on Trips


Art Lebedev's Professional Photoshop Tips

Steve Fisher's Photoshop Tips & Stuff

Official Adobe Photoshop Page

Adobe Photoshop Web Reference

Photoshop Chat Room

AndyArt Photoshop Tutorials And More!

Matrix Vault

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