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Sources for Data
The following list is a source providing ideas to begin locating data relevant to your interests and needs.

The SAVI Project is a comprehensive electronic database of mapped and tabular data about the Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area. SAVI collects, organizes, and presents information on community assets and vulnerabilities. It includes census data, demographic, health, education, criminal justice, welfare, and other statistical information, as well as information on social service agencies, religious organizations, libraries, health care facilities, and other community organizations. Human service agencies, governments, community organizations, and individuals can access the SAVI database as a tool for planning, research, and program evaluation. David Kaufmann, the director of the SAVI Project, may be contacted via email and phone (317.921.1289). Dona Sapp, a Planning Analyst with the Indianapolis Public Schools, is an excellent contact for use with education.

The Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) of the University of Connecticut Libraries runs workshops and short courses assessing a GIS and how to operate GIS software packages widely used within the state, coordinates the acquisition, description and storage of spatial data and provides high-level expertise with GIS mapping. MAGIC has Connecticut and New England data available to download on-line and use with GIS software. T. Patrick McGlamery, the Map Librarian can be contacted via email and phone (860.486.4779). A graduate student is also available, including some evenings for assistance. They have been very helpful and are extremely interested in community and education applications of GIS mapping. In addition to the mapping department, various other departments at UCONN are involved with GIS Mapping. Their website offers links to other sources of data and information on GIS mapping.

ESRI products include GIS software and data to use with the software. Their website has on-line demos of GIS in action to initiate an understanding of the possibilities. The ESRI Conservation Program provides support with donations or low cost GIS software and data. More importantly they are building a network of community users. Their interest includes use of GIS software in K-12 schools. Contacts include Charles Convis and Charles Fitzpatrick.

Wessex supplied street maps for the initial project, is a source for software and data to thousands of users in business, government and academia across the country. Contacts are Scott Elliot and Jane Elliot.

Other Commercial Sources
American Digital Cartography and Datamocracy

Hartford Planning Commission
Very helpful with information and sources for GIS mapping in the Hartford region. Jim Sequin and Margaret Brown are very knowledgeable and helpful. They can be reached at 860.543.8675. Other community Planning Commissions can be found by looking in the local government pages of the phonebook.

The Metropolitan District
Create maps and data for local Metropolitan District towns. This includes parcel maps, buildings, trees, and other relevant data. Member towns include Bloomfield, East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, West Hartford, and Windsor. Barbara MacFarland and Eric Young coordinate the GIS department at 860.278.7850.

The Regional Data Cooperative for New Haven
The New Haven Co-op is working to map the present so we can map the future. They have published New Haven Maps to show what can be gained by sharing information and picturing it geographically. Information and data is also available New Haven On-Line at the City Room in ISPS at Yale University For more information contact Cynthia Farrar via email or at 203.432.4070.

INFOLINE & CT Children's Medical Center
Their GIS mapping applications include mapping child care facilities and a community based smoke detector campaign. For further information contact Garry Lapidus, Georgine Burke, and Allison Bingham.

Department of Environmental Protection
Excellent source for data related to environmental concerns. Also environmental projects are often the pioneers in the use of GIS mapping an excellent source of expertise. Contact Tom Kreykes at 860.424.3994.

An excellent list of GIS links can be found at Mike Olkin's Internet pages.


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